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 Banner Posts • Use our 4" fluted post to create banner poles up to 16ft tall (20ft pole /4ft direct bury) • Banner arms are fabricated with slip on collars for ultimate flexibility and tension adjustment. • Arms are available up to 32" to hold a 30" banner with pole pocket. Ball is removable so banner can slip on with ease. • Optional decorative post bases and finials are available for all stock post material. Refer to pages 61–63. Custom colors are available. Mix and match components to create your unique banner pole. 500-BPDT • Pair of DBA-SR-4 • Shown with 30"x18" banners BP-F BP-RP-SBA-SR-2S BP-RP-F   • Pair of SBA-SR-4 • Shown with 30"x18" banner                                          SBA-SR-2S                          SBA-SR-2S SBA-SR-2S 2" square slotted arm holds 1/4" rigid panel     35   DOWNLOAD PAGE       

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