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 Retainer Frames RF3SF-23 RF3SF-45                        RF3R-25 RF3SF-31 3SB finial        48"x48" 36"x24" 30"x18" 48"x72"     SB35-NB base RF3R-27 SB35 base    RF3R-28 RF4S-43                 RF4S-34       36"x48" 48"x48" 36"x36" 48"x48"   500-3 base • Select retainer frame 2", 3" or 4" deep • Select accessories such as finials, post bases, etc. • Select panel sizes (built to order) • Select colors. (See page 60.) RF3RF-4 36"x24" SB46-NB base RF4S-35                        • Select slotted post 2"x3", 3"x3", 3" round and 4"x4"     120"x48"  96"x48"  72"x48"        48"x48"         RF3RF-47         SF3P finial RF3SF-22 36"x48" OSB-3 base                                                               24"x24"             SF3D finial RF3SF-21               24"x36"    300 Series base   48   DOWNLOAD PAGE        

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